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Immunizations, Travel Immunizations and Flu Shots


Porter Ranch Pharmacy offers travel vaccine immunization services and consultation. We also offer flu shots and a wide variety of immunizations.
Give it a shot—your health is worth it.  In addition we also offer:

  1. Zostavax (Shingles)
  2. Varicella
  3. Hepatitis A and B
  4. Gardasil
  5. Meningitis
  6. Tetanus
  7. Whooping Cough (Tdap)
  8. Pneumonia
  9. Flu and H1N1
Porter Ranch Pharmacy Flu Prevention Weeks.  
Better Safe, Than Sick

In early fall, make an appointment to receive your flu shots at Porter Ranch Pharmacy during our Flu Prevention Weeks. Provided by certified specialists, we’ll make sure you are ready to face flu season without the fear of getting sick.

Other Websites Offering Information About Seasonal Flu and H1N1:

  • Centers for Disease Control
    • The CDC provides facts and figures about influenza, ways to prevent it, important information for people with pre-existing conditions, and a flu activity and surveillance map.
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    • This interactive site dispels flu myths, talks about vaccinations and flu prevention, offers ways to treat someone who is sick in your household, gives advice on how businesses can respond to outbreaks, lets you know what to do if you get flu-like symptoms, and tracks the latest flu news and updates.

Porter Ranch Pharmacy Travel Medicine

Next Time You Travel, Make A Trip Here First.

From malaria to yellow fever, Porter Ranch Pharmacy is the only name you need to remember for your travel immunization needs before vacationing or working abroad. Our in-house travel clinic can make sure you have all the shots required for your specific destination and can give you helpful travel health information.

Travel Smart. Stay Healthy.

Besides making sure you have the necessary vaccinations to prevent communicable diseases in foreign countries, it is important to ask yourself certain questions:

  • Are there any specific conditions at your destination (altitude, climate, etc.) that may adversely affect your health?
  • Do you require any destination-specific medications—over the counter or prescription?
  • Will there be safe food and water at your destination?
  • Are there any other destination-specific health risks that may affect your trip?
  • Who can you call while abroad in the case of a health emergency?
  • Are there adequate health services and hospitals at your destination?
  • Will you be medically insured when you get there?

Other Websites That Give Critical Travel Advice and Can Help You Get Ready For a Trip To A Foreign Country:
Make a appointment today CLICK HERE to let us know when you want to come in, and for what shot.